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Valuation and Advisory

We provide sophisticated, impartial valuation and appraisal services across SEE

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Knowledge is power in investment decisions. We provide commercial real estate valuations that won’t leave you second guessing.​

Independent property valuations are the cornerstones of the commercial property market. Experts from Jones Lang LaSalle provide valuation ​​​​​advice for a wide range of purposes in a fast moving market investment funds, banks, developers, owner-occupiers and private investors.

We see real estate as much more than bricks and mortar. Our key skill is understanding the drivers of value which allow us to help investor clients with capital valuations and advise them on strategy, the market, and supply/demand issues as well as portfolio analysis, forecasting and due diligence for both purchase and sale. We specialise in investment portfolio valuations, which include developing solutions and recommendations to investors across SEE. For owner-occupiers we provide asset valuations and a view on alternative uses for their property. We are experienced in providing a prompt, efficient service utilising local market knowledge gained through our SEE and international offices, strong occupational agency and investment market presence, and dedicated Research Department.

We offer a large number of financial analysis services and detailed analyses of any kind of development projects in the area of commercial property such as office, retail, logistics, production and industrial space. We render our services both in line with national stipulations (such as PFVA) and internationally accepted guidelines (such as RICS, IVSC & TEGOVA).

For the determination of the market value our experts use traditional procedures (comparative method, income capitalization approach, depreciated replacement cost method, residual method, profit method) and also latest methods and approaches in financial analysis (discounted cash flow technique). Our methods comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our determination of the market value corresponds in particular to the "fair value" stipulated by IFRS 16 (alternative valuation method) and IFRS 40.

Our services in detail include:​

Investment Advisory

Conduct of valuations on behalf of national and/or international institutional investors, renowned investors from Serbia and abroad and affluent individuals for balance sheet reasons, for purchase and sale decisions and the support of IPOs and other capital market requirements.

Bank Advisory

Independent and reliable valuations form the foundation of decisions on granting loans. With our competence in the valuation process, we offer banks an early opportunity to identify and quantify risk factors of a loan exposure.

Transaction Advisory

Due diligence-services on behalf of buyers, sellers, borrowers and creditors. Our valuers identify profiles of strengths and ​weaknesses of a specific property and reveal opportunities taking into account possible future risks. Strategic advisory services support the customer in his or her target-oriented asset / portfolio investment decisions.

Corporate Advisory

Value Added Services in combination with regular portfolio valuations form the basis for performance analysis and decisions with regard to an accurate portfolio composition and consistent portfolio restructuring measures. We thereby create templates for comparative analyses with alternative investment opportunities and the basis for optimisation of portfolio quotas.

The foundations of Valuation Department’s exceptional track record lie on our experience, innovative strategies and intellectual leadership. This is all combined together with the diversity of skills and resources of the particular team. The team has put together specialist knowledge based on vast experience acquired on projects that rise enormous challenges.

Valuations now claim a special place of their own at Jones Lang LaSalle. Initially a sub-activity, valuations have developed into one of the main activities.